Choose a strong password

Choosing a strong password is the key to securing your Customer Account. But what is essential in choosing a strong password? We collected some basic tips to make it easier for you to choose a safe password for your Customer Account.

1. Minimum 8 characters long.

2. Include numbers, symbols,lower-case and upper-case letters.

3. Don't use dictionary wordsor combinations of dictionary words.

4. Do not choose a combination of easy accessible information like names or dates of biths from your family or family pets.

A password fullfilling all these requirements does not need to be hard to remember.Just choose a sentence and use the first digits of each word, Put numbers and punctuation marks as needed and finish it with a symbol or two. For example: The first house I ever lived in was 613 Fake Street.” will add up to the following password: T1hIeliw613FS.". Like this the password will be easy to remember.

A password manager is an advantage as well. There are many options free of charge that help you set and securely safe your strong passwords.

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