Finding the right provider

The enquiry for the right mobile phone provider and network is a free of charge option to ensure that the right provider is used for the prepaid mobile topup. Especially if you want to give a mobile topup as a gift to family or friends it is important to choose the right provider. Is it D2 by Vodafone? D1 by Telekom? Or e-Plus/O2 by Telefónica?

The following information will be provided by the enquiry:

  • Which mobile phone network does the number belong to?
  • Which mobile phone provider is behind this phone number?
  • Was this number ported or taken from a different provider?
  • Which network did the number belong to originally?

To ensure that you are always choosing the right network and provider you can start the enquiry right here. Just put in the full mobile phone number and all information will be directly displayed.

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